Byzantine Icon Exhibition in Korea Foreign Language University in Yong-In

"See, I lay a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation, the one who trusts will never be dismayed." -Is. 28:16-

2004년 10월 11일 울산 성 디오니시오스 성당: 소티리오스 대주교님께서 이날 울산 성당 기초돌확인을 위해 조창한교수님과 다니엘 나창규신부님과 함께 울산을 방문하셨다. 성당건축은 이날부터 시작되며 12월 중순경이면 성당 윤곽이 들어나게 됩니다. 성당 축성식은 내년 6월경인 오순절날 이루어 질 예정에 있습니다. 조창한교수님은 지난 30년간 한국정교회 일곱성당 및 소수의 소성당의 설계도를 맡으셨던 분입니다.

HE Sotirios of Korea visited Ulsan to place a cornerstone in its right position to start the construction work of St. Dionysios Church Bldg. in Ulsan, Korea by the "Seo-Won Construction Ltd." on 11th October, 2004. Protopr. Daniel Na and Prof. Cho Chang Han who designed the Church Bldg. accompaniedHE to Ulsan. Prof. Cho designed Seven Orthodox Church Buildings and several other small chapels in Korea. The Consecration Ceremony of the St. Dionysios Orthodox Church is planned to be officiated on the Feast Day of Pentecost in June, 2005 by His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and His Holiness Alexei of Moscow with many guests from all over the world. This historical plan will be confirmed by us as soon as we receive confirmations from both Patriarchates.

"그리스의 미" 비쟌틴 성화와 그리스 조각품전이 2004년 10월 12일부터 15일까지 이문동에 위치한 한국외국어 대학 본교로비에서 전시되고있습니다. 오늘 소티리오스 대주교님의 인사말으로 시작되었습니다. 이 성화전은 오는 10월 26일부터 29일까지 강원도 춘천에 위치한 강원대학교에서 전시됩니다.

Byzantine Icon and Greek Sculptures' Exhibition is opened at the Korea University of Foreign Language in Li-Moon Dong, Seoul today, which will last until 15th October, 2004. This is the second Exhibition after thefirst one in Yong-In last May, 2004 at the Branch of the Korea University of Foreign Language at  where V. Rev. Archmandrite Ambrosios Zographos teaches Greek language to the Korean Students. This class of Greek Language Studies was established at the University for the first time in Korea with the effort of Mr. Angelos Yun who has a doctorate degree on Greek Language. He is a parish member of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Seoul, Korea. At the Exhibition Ceremony, the President of the University welcomed all the participants to the Event and HE delivered the opening address followed by His Excellency Mr. Alexander Savov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria's congratulation address.


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