Marriage after Baptism in Incheon 

In February 12, 2005 with the blessing of His Eminence Sotirios of Korea, Chrysostom and Anna got married at St. Paul's Orthodox Church in Incheon. Anna Sei-Hwoa Kim(28) attended at the Parish from the age six year old, and has played a piano at the Church Choir on Sundays since then until today. She introduced the Orthodoxy to her fiance, Chrysostom Joong-Ho Lee(28), and married him in the Orthodox Church. Chrysostom had never heard about the Orthodox Church until he met Anna at his work place, an hospital in Kimpo, Kyung-Gi Province. Finally after some lessons with Fr. Daniel Na, he decided to become an Orthodox husband to Anna and a member of St. Paul Orthodox Church. HE granted him His Blessing and received the holy Baptism and Chrismation officiated by Rev. Daniel Na with the Christian name, CHRYSOSTOM.

May our Lord bless them with happiness and joy for many years. Amen.

1982년 인천 성당 설립당시부터 성당 유치부에 참석했던 안나 김세화양은 소티리오스 대주교님의 축복을 받고 2005년 2월 12일(토요일) 결혼성사를 받았다. 그 동안 세례자 예비교육을 받고 있던 크리소스톰 이중호군은 같은 날, 성 바울로 성당 주임신부인 다니엘 나창규신부가 집전한 세례와 견진성사를 받고 요한 크리소스톰 성인이름으로 정교인이 되었다. 두 사람의 행복과 거룩한 가정을 이룩하기를 축원합니다.

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