A Group of the Elderly People from GanSuk-Dong, Incheon
(인천, 간석동 노인정 회원)

인천, 간석동 노인정 회원 월례모임

인천 성 바울로 성당 부녀회에서는 매월 1회 지역 노인분들에게 점심식사를 베풀기로 계획을 잡고 오늘 2004년 11월 11일(목요일) 그 첫 번째 모임을 갖었다. 이 모임에 노인정 회장과 부회장을 비롯하여 회원 35명이 참석하여 화기애애한 분위기를 갖었다. 간석동 노인정은 성당 바로 맞으편에 위치하고 있으며 회원은 62명이며 연령은 65세부터 92세까지로 되어있습니다.

The First Monthly Meeting of the GanSuk-Dongs Elderly People in Incheon

(Incheon, Korea) The November Month Meeting of the 38 elderly people from the District Elderly Peoples Center of GanSuk-Dong, Incheon, located in front of St. Paul Orthodox Church was hosted by the St. Pauls Parish Philoptochos Society, and Korean style noodle soup lunch with fruits were offered . Last week Father Daniel Na met the President of the Elderly Peoples Center of Kansuk-Dong, Mr. Jung Woo Choi and the vice President Mr. Oh Han Kun to discuss of their monthly meeting at St. Paul's Orthodox Church. There are 62 elderly members whose ages are between 65 up until 92 years old. They live around St. Paul's Orthodox Church Building.
This Month
s Meeting of the Elderly people in Kansuk-Dong was organized by the Philoptochos Society of St. Paul's Community. From now on, once every months they will offer lunch meal at12:00 noon followed by a special program delivered by different social workers. The Next Monthly Meeting of the Elderly People will be held on 11th of December 2004 at St. Pauls Orthodox Church.

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