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Previous News

2018 Holy Week & Paschal Services' Schedule
2018' General Assembly of St. Paul Community
2018' First Meeting of Youth Group with Fr. Daniel
2018' Vasilopita Cake "Happy New Year"
2018 Holy Nativity of our Lord "Merry Christmas"

 Newly Illuminated Maxim and Zlata
The Denny Family' Letter to St. Paul Church
Rite of Matrimony for Demetrios and Marina
2017 Spring Local Food Bazar with book sale
Our 4 catechumens illuminated thru Baptism
The Nikitin Family's Farewell Address
2017 Agape Service
Pacha 2017' "Christ is Risen"
Good Friday
2017 Holy Week & Pascha Service' Schedule
Enfant Baptism on Sunday of St. John Climacus
2017 General Assembly of St. Paul Orthodox Church
Sunday of Orthodoxy at St. Paul Ortrhodox Church 
70th Birthday's special prayer for Rev. Daniel Na
2016's Nativity
Matrimony Service
 Sports- Picnic

Memorial Service on Chuseok, Thanksgiving Day in Korea
Orthodox Youth-Adult's one day Retreat held at St. Paul Church
Sunday School Retreat at St. Paul from 17th Aug. thru 18th Aug. 2016
St. Paul Church's Nameday Celebration
Pentecost's special prayer
2016' Agape Service
2016' Paschal Service
2016's Holy Week and Pascha (Easter) Special Service Schedule
Palm Sunday' Divine Liturgy officiated with the Rite of Baptism
2016'g Great Lent Special Services in Photos
Foreign Language Classes begun
Local Orthodox Church's Altar Boy Meeting
2016' Projects of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
12 icons of the life of Christ
2016 Lunar' Happy New Year Wishes to All
The resilience of his nation;  the resilience of his ancestors in his blood and in his bones. by Dr. Soteri Mousalimas.
Dr. Soteri Mousalimas visits St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon

"3 little pigs and a wolf" Kid's Drama as Christmas  Celebration
2016 Theophany and Holy Nativity cocelebrated on 6th January
2016 New Year's cutting bread with a lucky coin
2015' Nativity Celebration at St. Paul Church
The Rite of Baptism at 2015 Nativity Season
St. Paul's 2015 Autumn Sports Game Picnic
His Eminence Ignatios of Madagascar visits Korea
Basil Berck's talk, "Coming-Home"
A brief history of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon since 1985
The 30th Anniversary of the Orthodox Mission in Incheon
DVD & Audio CD on Divine Liturgy is on sale
Pentecost' kneeling prayer at Vespers
Renovation works at St. Paul Church
St. Paul's "Kids Cafe" is opened on every Sundays
St. Paul's Executive Committee Members
2015 Spring Local Food Bazar favored by many
2015 Photos from Great Lent, Holy Week & Joyeous Pascha
31st General Assembly of St. Paul Church on 25th of January 2015
2015 New Year Day Celebration

40 day prayer on the Feast Day of Nativity
Rite of Baptism on the Eve of Christmas
2014 Christmas Celebration's special photoes
Local Ecumenical Movement in Incheon
2014 Autumn Food Bazaar
Three enfants and adult were baptized on Feast Day of St. Paul Church
St. Paul Church's Name Day Celebration
Festival Celebration of Sts. Peter and Paul on 28th June
Pentecost's celebration at St. Paul Church
"Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!" Celebration of Pascha Sunday
"A Proposal for the Defense of Religious Freedom in the World" by Rev. Na
12 different languages read at Apape Vespers
Paschal Procession around the Church Building
Holy Week Special Services
2014 Holy Week and Holy Pascha Schedule
Mother of His Eminence Ambrosios of Korea, Xanthoula, rests on 24 March 2014,
Third Sunday of the Great Lent: Veneration of Holy Cross
Sunday of the Orthodoxy celelbrated at St. Paul Church
10th Anniversary of Establishment of Orthodox Metropolis of Korea
2014 New Year

The 10th General Assembly of the WCC in Pusan  (2013.1030 ~ 2013.11.8)
"Certificate of Gratitudes" presented by Incheon City's Elderly Associate
Special Concert of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Choir
Sts. Peter and Paul's Feast Day Celebration on 29th June.
Archpriest Daniel Na celebrates 33rd anniversary of Diaconate Ordination
Antonios Na graduates from the Hellenic College in May, 2013
Costas Na and Elizabeth Jun married on 7th March 2013
Two children & adult baptized during the Palm Sunday' Divine Liturgy
Agape Service in 7 different languages
Pascha Midnight Ceremony at Public Park
Holy Week Special Services in photos
2013 Holy Week and Pascha' Special Service Schedules

Sunday of the Holy Cross 2013
Icon Procession on the Orthodoxy Sunday 2013
The 113rd Anniversary Celebration of the Orthodox Mision in Korea 1900
Old Calendar Orthodox Christian' Nativity Celebration in Incheon
Great Blessing of Holy Waters
Celebration of Vasilopita

Special photos from 2012 Christmas Celebration at St. Paul Orthodox Church
2012' Schedule of the holy Nativity of our Lord
Ancient Rites of Marriage & Baptism officiated within the Divine Liturgy
Tansfiguration of our Lord's Celebration at Cheong-Pyung Monastery
Sts. Peter and Paul Feast Day Celebration at newly furnished garden
Inauguration of the 14th c. Icon "Theophany" done by a catechumen
100th Birthday Celebration for one of our Elderly at St. Paul Church.
Fresh looks of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
Kneeling Vespers prayer service at the garden of the Church
Being constructed a passage way for our elderly due to their aging.
New parish members at St. Paul Orthodox Church
2012 Paschal Celebration "Christ Is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!"
A Newly Orthodox Christian thru the Rite of Chrismation, Mr. John Kim.
Sunday of Orthodoxy Celebration at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
Holy Week  & Pascha Service Schedule 2012.April 8th ~ 2012 April 15th
Abbot Vasiilios from Mt. Athos encountered with the local parishioners
New Executive Committee Members elected for 2012/2013 fiscal years
CATECHETICAL HOMILY For Great Lent of Ecumenical Patriarch B A R T H O L O M E W
2012 New Year Message of His Eminence Ambrosios of Korea

2011 His Eminence Ambrosios's 2011 Nativity Message
2011 Christmas Message of HAH Bartholomew
Celebration of Feast Day of St. Daniel & 7th Year Elderly Monthly Meeting
HAH Bartholomew's Message on the 2011 New Ecclegiestical Calendar
Feast Celebrations of June & July 2011
His Eminence Ambrosios of Korea officiates the Rite of Diaconate Ordination for Subdeacon Antonios Jong Hoon Leem on 12th June 2011 at the St. Nicholas Cathedral Orthodox Church in Seoul.
A moment with the elderly at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon on the occasion of the monthly clergy meeting in April 2011.
 Paschal Service at St. Paul officiated by HE. Ambrosios of Korea
 Holy Week and Pascha Service Program
H.E. Ambrosios, the Metropolitan of Korea, on the tragic events in Japan
Message of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the nuclear explosion at Fukushima on 13th March 2011.(Greek / English)
Photos from the celebration of the Sunday of Orthodoxy at St. Paul Church
Patriarchal Catechetical Homily on the Opening of Holy and Great Lent (English/Korean)

The Nameday of Father Daniel Na was celebrated at St. Paul's Community on 12th December 2010 after the Sunday Divine Liturgy.
Members of "The Maestors of the Psaltic Art"  at St. Paul Orthodox Church
֥ѥϥͥɥʥ ʥϥѥť  Me K. ˥ϥԥʥɥ ѥϥĥɥӥϥ
Message of His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, on the Day of the Protection of the Environment(2010).
Historical moments from 110th Anniversary Celebration of the Orthodox Witness in Korea (26th May 2010 ~2nd June 2010)
2010 Paschal Service photos of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
Various news from the Orthodox Christians from the States and Australia
His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew's Pascha Message
An infant baptism during Divine Liturgy on Holy Palm Sunday
Book Cafe "LOGOS" is opened with the blessing of holy water on 28th Feb. 2010 officiated by HE. Ambrosios of Korea
2010 Lental Service Schedule
(Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Korea) On the Feast Day of the Enterance into the Temple of our Lord (Feb.2nd), HE Sotirios officiates the Divine Liturgy at the Monastery and conductes a Seminar for the students visiting from Pusan, Incheon and Choon-Cheon Parishes. -Video Viewing-
Patriarchaland Synodal Encyclical on the Sunday of Orthodoxy
Holy Week Schedule 2010 
Catechetical Homily on the Commencement of Holy and Great Lent of HAH BARTHOLOMEW
The philoptochos Society hostes the elderly living around the area of St. Paul Church in Incheon with luncheon once a month. This year is the Sixth Year of the service since 2005.-Video-
26th General Assembly of St. Paul Orthodox Church held on 17th Jan. 2010
HE Ambrosios of Korea left for Greece on 14th January 2010 thru 8th February 2010.
HE Ambrosios of Korea officiates the Ordination of Dn. Illarion Jung at The Dormition of Theotokos Orthodox Church in CheonJoo, Korea
New Year Message 2010 of HE Ambrosios, Metropolitan of Korea

Christmas Message of HiE Ambrosios, Metropolian of Korea (Video)(text)
His All Holiness Bartholomew's Christmas Message
H.E.Ambrosios of Korea participates at the Historical Visit of HAH Bartholomew to the USA from October 20th 2009 thru November 6th 2009.
The Elderly Group of St. Paul Orthodox Parish in Incheon is consisted of the parish members whose age are over 75 years old.
2009 Paschal Celebration at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
Open Concert 2009 at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in ChongPyung at 3:00 pm. on 9th May 2009. Everyone is invited.
Weekly News in Video #1 from Incheon (March 8th, 2009)

H.E. Ambrosios of Korea celebrates the Divine Liturgy at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon on 7th December 2008 -Photoes-
4th Annual Celebration of Monthly Luncheon Meeting for the Elderly Members in Incheon.
A youth couple from Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Tikhon and Athanasia Bishop visited St. Paul Orthodox Church on 28th September 2008
 Antonios Na (Eui-Seon), a member of the Youth Group of St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon, Korea enrolled at Hellenic College in Boston, USA. from September 2008. (Photos and news from "Orthodox Observer")
A Contemporary Christian Artist, Ron Moore's Concert at St Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon on 31st August, 2008 -Video-    Program.PDF /
The Celebration of the 80th Birthday of H.E. Sotirios is begun:   Photo Album  2008.06.22.  in Incheon / 2008.07.17  in Seoul / 2008.08.06 at Monastery
His Eminence Sotirios and Sisters welcomed warmly the 45 Elderly members from Incheon to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery on 29th May 2008. More Photos
2008 Agape Gospel Readings in 7 different languages in Incheon
2008 Paschal Program at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
     1600TH ANNIVERSARY  OF HIS REPOSE (407/2007)
                Seoul, Korea 10 ~ 13 November 2007.
 Exucutive Committee of St. Paul Orthodox Church for 2008 ~2009 term

    OF HIS REPOSE (407/2007)
    Seoul, Korea 10 ~ 13 November 2007.

9 Newly illuminated Orthodox Christians at St. Paul Orthodox Church in Incheon
Fr. Daniel Na received a medal of St. Innokentii, the Apostle to Alaska
The International Conference on the Celebration of the 210th Anniversary of the Birth of St. Innokentii in Moscow, Russia on 5th December 2007

 First Seoul International Consultation: Christianity and Shamanism (June, 2000)

HE Sotirios of Korea visit North Korea viewd (in Video clip)
2006 Great and Holy Week Schedule
H.E. Sotirios of Korea' X-mas Greetings

Photos of H.A.H. Bartholomew Visit in Korea in June, 2005
H. E. Sotirios of Korea is in New Zealand from Sept 12, 2005 until Nov. 22, 2005
H.A.H. Bartholomew's Representative at 2005 International Expo in Nagoya, Japan    on "Sustainable Developement for Nature", Protopr. Daniel Na Chang Kyu from    Sept. 18, 2005 thru. Sept. 21, 2005.
H.A.H. Bartholomew's Korea Visit Program (23rd June ~ 27th June 2005)




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